As a start-up, Channel Pittsburgh will have these needs . . . 

Fiscal Sponsor: Until Channel Pittsburgh receives its own 501 (c) 3 recognition from the IRS, another nonprofit will need to act as a conduit for grants and tax-deductible donations. 

Volunteers: For both the Board and production!

Studio Equipment: Initially, the station will use PC-based software such as VidBlaster that will allow Channel Pittsburgh to use low-cost options such as consumer camera in a location that has relatively even lighting (such as a vacant office or retail space). Refurbished laptops sitting on tables can function as interim teleprompters. Microphones, lighting, etc. will also be needed.

Of course, over time Channel Pittsburgh will upgrade to professional-grade equipment.

Support Equipment: IBM-style computers and various software (video editing, word processing, etc.) will also be needed.

Web Hosting & Streaming Equipment/Software/Service: Channel Pittsburgh will need the ability to stream its regular schedule (with commercial breaks) as well as the on-demand portion and web store.

Location: The ideal location will be centrally located and high-profile. Probably the best would be the vacant retail space in one of the three downtown retail centers. A trade would be proposed giving the center free commercial time in exchange for the space. 

Funds: No kidding, right?